Linear Dimensions is the world leader in complete ECG solutions for the consumer market. The product developed by Linear Dimensions consumes  less than 300 uA of battery current and is the leading consumer arm cuff ECG available.   Novel software algorithms and signal processing techniques extract the ECG from extremely noisy signal environments while running, jogging and perspiring to provide clinical quality ECG signals using dry electrodes.


    Linear Dimensions designs is the leading designer of ASIC's for the heartrate/ECG monitoring market.  These ASIC's, when combined with Linear's signal processing algorithms, provide highly accurate ECG/heartrate in the most difficult exercise conditions while consuming less than 300 uA of current. More information.

ECG Patches by Linear Dimensions

ECG Patches by Linear Dimensions

PEAL - Signal Processing and Development System


Development System Elements
1. Filters- Up to 8th Order LP&HP Filters
2. AGC - Noise stripping AGC
3. WAVD - Signal Extraction in heavy noise environments
4. NNWAV - Neural Wavelet network based learning algorithms
5. NNWGUI - Learning GUI
6. AGUI - Analysis GUI