FCC Certified

Small Form Factor

Radiocrafts Module.gif

'Over The Air' Upgrade Available

Antenna Included

Long Battery Life & Long Range Versions

TI Z-Stack for Any Zigbee Function

Compliant to USA, Europe, Japan & India Regulations

SMT Modules or USB Stick Configurations 

RadioCrafts 100% Testing

USB Transceiver Stick

USB Transceiver Stick

Every module is subject to the following tests before shipment:

  • Frequency Accuracy (ppm)
  • Output Power (dBm)
  • 2nd Harmonic (dBm)
  • 3rd Harmonic (dBm)
  • Spurious Emission (freq/max level, dBm)
  • RX Sensitivity
  • TX Supply Current (mA)
  • RX Supply Current (mA)
  • Idle Supply Current (mA)
  • Sleep Supply Current (mA)
  • Program Memory Verification
  • UART Communication