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Plessey has continually improved the quality of people's lives for over 50 years. This has been achieved through the development of products using innovative and creative technology from the production of the first televisions for John Logie Baird in 1929 to the High Brightness MAGIC (Manufactured on GaN-on-Si I/C) LEDs it is bringing to the market today

Today Plessey is a leading expert in the development and manufacture of semiconductor products used in sensing, measurement and control applications. Plessey's products are found in a wide range of markets including communications, manufacturing, medical, defence and aerospace. Plessey designs products for high performance applications and its range of integrated products includes CMOS image sensors, Low and Mid-Power LEDs, Hall Effect devices and its award-winning EPIC electric potential sensors. These products all benefit from Plessey's high precision, high temperature and radiation tolerant technologies.